Life is short…

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My mom needs a new heart.Today I just found out that mom needs a new heart and the only thing that I can think of is how much I want to give her mine. My mom has always been there to love, support me, and take care of me the best she knew how to. Like most young mothers, she didn’t always make the right choices but if you ask me; I think that she did one hell of a job with what she had. Better than most I dare say.
I’m not asking you to pity me or my mother for that matter.  What would be nice, is to know why her? Why can’t life deal her a decent hand of cards for once in her life, just once? Why is her ticker trying to quit on her now? It’s not fair, but then life was never meant to be fair was it? I just pray that something will turn around for her, maybe a new a heart, or for hers to start working like it should… something anything. Like all moms past and present; when they leave this life behind for the next your world is never the same.

Thankfully I have the love of a good man, who happens to be a world away right now. He cares about me and worries about me, which in turns means a lot to me. It really does show how much he loves me.
If anyone reads this, even if your mom isn’t sick… call her. Tell her how much you love her.

Everyone has a story…

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I have wanted to do a blog for sometime time now. Stupid I know, with the plethora of blogs out there; blogs that are identical to  It however, isn’t one of my main goals to reach the masses but to reach at least one of you out there. Who you are I do not know, nor do I necessarily care who you are. Sometimes it is just better that way.

What I hope to do with this blog is share my life struggles, joys, and lessons learned with you. Along the way hopefully I will be able to help you. Change your opinions about a few things, or just simply help you to hold on for another day. You see, I am really not your average Soldier because I am gay (check the About page for a little more info). A minority of personnel that make up our armed forces, a minority that you will hopefully learn that isn’t so different after all.

If you really think about it, this is an opportunity for the both of us to grow. Will you then join me as I make a promise to you that I will make one major post a week and perhaps a few minor ones here and there?

And as always, I welcome any questions, comments, or topic suggestions you might have. The only thing I ask that you be respectful.